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Selected Publications

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103. Seung-Il Kim, Ji-Yun Moon, Seok-Ki Hyeong, Soheil Ghods, Jin-Su Kim, Jun-Hui Choi, Dong Seop Park, Sukang Bae, Sung Ho Cho*, Seoung-Ki Lee*, Jae-Hyun Lee** “Float-stacked  graphene–PMMA  laminate” Nat. Comm Accepted  (2024)


102. J.A. Lee, J. YoonS. HwangH. Hwang, J.D. Kwon, S.-K. Lee*, Y. Kim* “Integrated Logic Circuits Based on Wafer-Scale 2D-MoS2 FETs Using Buried-Gate Structures” Nanomaterials 13, 2870 (2023)

101. J. W. An, S.-K. Hyeong, K. Min Kim, H. R. Lee, J. Park, T.-W. Kim, S. Bae* and S.-K. Lee* “Facile Synthesis of Laser-Induced Graphene Oxide and its Humidity Sensing Properties” Carbon Letters Accepted (2023)

100. M.J. Jeon, S.-K. Hyeong, H.Y. Jang, J. Mun, T.W. Kim, S. Bae*, S.-K Lee* “Selective Laser-Assisted Direct Synthesis of MoS2 for Graphene/MoS2 Schottky Junction” Nanomaterials 13 (22), 2937 (2023)

99. B.J. Moon, Y.S. Song, D. Son, H.Y. Yang, S. Bae, S.-K. Lee, S.H. Lee, T.W. Kim* “Implementation of Photosynaptic and Electrical Memory Functions in Organic Nano‐Floating‐Gate Transistors via a Perovskite‐Nanocrystal‐Based Nanocomposite Tunneling Layer” Small Science 3 (9), 2300068 (2023)

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97. T.W. Park, Y.L. Kang, E.B. Kang, H. Jung, S.-K. Lee, G.T. Hwang, J.W. Lee, S.‐Y. Choi, S. , S.‐H. Kwon*, K. H. Kim*, W. I. Park* “Direct Printing of Ultrathin Block Copolymer Film with Nano‐in‐Micro Pattern Structures” Advanced Science 10 (29), 2303412 (2023)

96. D. Choi, J.W. Seo, J. Yoon, S.M. Yu, J.D. Kwon, S.-K. Lee*, Y. Kim* “Monolithic Integration of Semi-Transparent and Flexible Integrated Image Sensor Array with a-IGZO Thin-Film Transistors (TFTs) and pin Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Photodiodes” Nanomaterials 13 (21), 2886 (2023)

95. M.J. Ahemad, S.-K. Hyung, H.Y. Yang, M. Im, E. Lee, J.H. Choi, T.W. Kim, S.-K. Lee, B. J. Moon, S. Bae* “In-situ Synthesis of Pd/WO₃ Nanocomposites for Low-Temperature Hydrogen Gas Sensing” Appl. Sci. Conv. Tech. 32 (4), 100-103 (2023)

94. D.-H. Cho, S. Park, B. Im, Y. Kim, S.-W. Kim, S.-K. Lee, D. Byun* “Eco-friendly mass production of MoS2 flakes in pure water for performance enhancement of triboelectric nanogenerator” Appl. Sur. Sci. 625(15), 157235 (2023)

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90. B. Park, Y. Hwang, O. Kwon, S. Hwang, J. A. Lee, D. H. Choi, S.-K. Lee, A. R. Kim, B. Cho, J.-D. Kwon*, J. I. Lee*,  Y. Kim “Robust 2D MoS2 Artificial Synapse Device Based on a Lithium Silicate Solid Electrolyte for High-Precision Analogue Neuromorphic Computing” ACS Appl. Mat. Inter. 14(47) 53038-53047 (2022)

89. H. K. Choi, D. S. Lee, S. Bae, B. J. Moon, S.-K. Lee, T.-W. Kim* “Recent Progress of Research into Conductive Nanomaterials for Use in Electromagnetic Interference Shields” Appli. Sci. Conv. Tech., 31(6), 120 (2022)

88. H.-J Lee, L-Liu, W-J. Jeong, S-K Lee*, B-K Ryu* “Characterization of Li1.5Al0.5Ge1.5(PO4)3 Solid Electrolyte with an Added Sintering Aid” Elec. Mater. Lett. 19 (1) 55-65 (2022)

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74. D. H. Shin, S. Y. Park, C.-S. Yeo, Y. Y. Park, J. Y. Song, S.-K. Lee, T.-W. Kim, S. Bae*, B. H. Hong* “Fast and Complete Recovery of TMDs-Decorated rGO Fiber Gas Sensors at Room Temperature” Appl. Surf. Sci. 578, 151832 (2022)



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~ 2019

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